After a constant struggle with never-ending dog fur from my beloved Barney, and sick of cheaper imitation hair removal devices easily breaking or the need to regularly buy refills for them, we decided it was time to source the best and make it our own - the furfy!

This is not our first creation in the pet world. Back in 2013, Potty Plant Grass Dog Toilets was born, with a then 10-week-old Barney struggling to learn the ropes of toilet training in an apartment environment.

Puppy pads and fake grass simply didn’t work. We then tried using real grass on the balcony and realised we were on to something. However, we needed a setup which was secure, mess free and easy to change for fresh grass. Then came, Australia’s first real grass dog toilet and grass subscription service. Potty Plant has helped tens of thousands of dogs since then, young and old, become toilet trained and adapt to apartment living.

Five years later - Barney inspired another product to be launched - a new super supportive, easy to clean, premium quality, insta-worthy dog bed range. Barney Bed has now become Australia & USA's favourite dog bed. We’re proud to hold a five-star rating on Google.

We can’t wait for you to try our next product, furfy. We know you will love it, as pet fur becomes a thing of the past.